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History Hub

The Clackamas County History Hub will be a central resource of talent, training, and funds to support excellent historical interpretation and management of history organizations across the whole county.

State law provides for the establishment of a Heritage District, funded by a property tax levy, to support local history. At only 5 cents per thousand of assessed value (about $13.00 per household per year), this district would provide over $2.5 million for professional staff that would serve all of our county’s museums and historical societies, provide marketing, business, and collections expertise, and keep museums running with direct support for staff, utilities, and special projects and exhibits.

How will local residents benefit from this arrangement? The details will be up to a board of directors to work out, but we envision free admission for local families, and free or discounted field trips for local schools, as well as improved exhibits and outreach. Tourism tied to the Oregon Trail and Family History would boom if we had the expertise and resources to promote it, providing more local jobs and pouring more money into local business and government.

As of fall, 2020, we are in the early stages of this project, raising the funding for an awareness campaign. Encouraged by early polling, the Clackamas County Heritage Council has a goal of $50,000.00 to run a successful election. If successful, this money will bring us millions in consistent, uncontested annual funding. If we are not successful this year, at least our neighbors will know we are struggling and need their generosity.

Can you help? Donate here, purchase a heritage pass, or contact your local historical society to volunteer. We need better funding for better museums, better history, better tourism, and better education for all county residents.